Treasury, Governors Hinder Oversight – Speakers’ Chair

THE National Treasury is colluding with governors to deny MCAs financial autonomy, Speakers’ Forum chairman Abdhi Nuhu has said.

Appearing before the Senate Finance Committee yesterday, he said the Treasury has broken a promise to let county assemblies manage their own financial accounts.

This frustrates MCAs’ oversight role, Nuhu told the committee chaired by Makueni Senator Mutula Kilonzo Jnr. Treasury asked MCAs to open independent accounts that would be controlled by the county executive.

“We have asked county clerks not to go ahead and execute the agreement,” Nuhu said. “These accounts will still be under the control of the executive, so there’ll be no financial independence.” The senators called on MCAs to avoid manipulation by the executive. “County assemblies have been extremely cozy with the executive to the extent that oversight has been overshadowed,” Kilonzo Jnr said.