Trans Nzoia Opens Sh5m Maize Miller

Trans Nzoia has launched a Sh5 million maize milling machine that will grind 28 tonnes of maize daily.

Commissioning the machine at Endebess subcounty on Tuesday, Governor Patrick Khaemba said it will increase farmers’ earnings and reduce poverty.

“Farmers have been ferrying our maize to Mombasa and other counties before they are returned as finished products, but that should not be the case,” he said.

Khaemba said the machine can process animal feeds from the by-products.

“This is a great achievement as we expect that all maize produce shall be added value,” he said.

The governor said maize farmers have long suffered in the hands of middlemen, who have been buying maize at a throwaway price.

Khaemba said farmers need value-addition for their produce before selling outside to retain much of the returns from their business.

He said the government will give Sh500,000 to help install the machine.

The machine was also supported by the World Bank through Kenya Agricultural Productivity and Agribusiness Project.

It will be owned by residents under the umbrella of Nzoia Millers Cooperative.

The machine will begin operating before the end of the year.