Training manual for Community development launched

The Government has developed a comprehensive community development worker’s training manual aimed at providing a guide for community development workers.

The Principal Secretary State department of Social Protection, Susan Mochache said the document will be opener for community workers in the social protection sector.

Ms. Mochache revealed that the document which will be operational in the next financial year will act as a practical guide for trainers in community development promoting learning among the youth as well as adult learners.

Speaking on Thursday during the launch of the Community Development Training manual, Mochache said the government recognized the crucial role groups such as chamas, women groups and youth played in improving their socio- economic status.

Government empowerment funds are channeled through these groups hence the need to have them managed professionally to assist the community raise standards, she said.

The PS added that the manual will help practitioners engaging with the over 1.2 million registered groups in Kenya to efficiently and effectively train with the handbook as a reference point in addressing communities’ issues starting at village levels.

Mochache urged Kenyans to register their groups at their nearest social development offices and Huduma services centers across the country.

The most fundamental user of the manual, the CS said will be the social development officer whose mandate is supporting groups and dealing with their issues.

We will distribute the training manual in the country and also post it at the Ministry website so that one can download for the purpose of guiding the groups with relevant knowledge and skills for effective participation in socio- economic development, she said.

Mochache noted that the manual will build on existing and ongoing work on community development in the country and experiences as shared by different community’s development actors and practitioners.

The manual contains ten substantive modules and an eleventh module which covers cross cutting issues in community development.

Source: Kenya News Agency