Traffic police officers sacked after vetting

Over three hundred traffic police officers out of 2,691 so far vetted in the second phase of the police vetting exercise across the country have been sacked.

National Police Service Commission, NPSC chairman Johnstone Kavuludi said the three hundred and twenty two (322) affected officers were removed from the police force payroll after failing competence and suitability tests.

Kavuludi revealed this Tuesday at an Eldoret hotel where the commission is conducting vetting for police officers in the rank of Chief Inspector from the North Rift region. The NPSC chair said statistics showed that traffic police department was the most corrupt among its rank and file.

Some of the police officers who appeared before the commission’s panel lacked integrity while others failed to explain how they acquired enormous wealth despite their meager salaries, said Kavuludi.

Twelve per cent of the officers from the traffic department who were vetted failed the tests leaving the commission with no option but dismiss them from the police force, added the chair.

He added that the sacked officers as well as those to be retained have been informed of their fate.

Statistics don’t lie and its common knowledge that most fatal road accident that have occurred on our roads in the recent past were because the police officers tasked with ensuring traffic rules are observed by motorists engaged in corruption, said Kavuludi.

He revealed that 1,514 police officers from North Rift are lined up for vetting by the commission during the current phase.

Kavuludi said that some police officers were trying to avoid facing the commission for vetting to establish their suitability and competence but warned them that the exercise is mandatory.

We have been informed that some of the police officers slated for vetting may not turn up after attaining retirement age and that is why the figure will go down, he said.

Source: Kenya News Agency