Traffic police officer nabbed by EACC for receiving a Sh. 2,000 bribe

A traffic police officer has been arrested by the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) for receiving a bribe of Sh. 2,000.

Noor Aden who is based at the Maua police station was arrested by EACC for soliciting a bribe of Sh. 5,000 from a driver, but bargaining ended up receiving Sh. 2000 of treated money and hence his arrest.

According to the EACC Upper Eastern Deputy Regional Manager, George Mogare Oira there were complains from Matatu operators that the traffic police officer has been harassing them soliciting for bribes for offences not committed.

We have been receiving complaints from members of the public of harassment by the police officer. A driver reported to us that the traffic officer had confiscated his driving licence and was demanding Sh. 5000 to release it, said the Regional Deputy Manager.

Oira said since their intelligence information concurred with the allegations they laid a trap of giving treated money to the said driver and his officers accompanied to the scene of crime under disguise and arrested the officer.

He called on other members of the public, including driver, conductors and Matatu operators to help the commission fight graft by reporting cases of bribery and other forms of injustice meted on them by public officers.

The Manager also called on public officer to stick to their professional ethics and desist from involving themselves in any form of corruption, failure to which the long arm of the commission will soon catch up with them.

He said once investigations were completed, the officer will be handed over to the directorate of public prosecutions and the law will take its course.

Source: Kenya News Agency