Traffic Police offers Nabbed Taking Bribes

Drama unfolded at the Witeithie Estate Bridge along the busy Thika superhighway when Ethics and Anti Corruption Commission officers pounced and apprehended 3 traffic police officers who were allegedly taking bribes from motorists.

The early morning incident that took the officers by surprise attracted a big crowd of onlookers as the traffic police officers resisted arrest and attempted to brand the 6 EACC officers as thugs out to abduct them.

Initially the EACC officers had nabbed 5 of the 6 traffic officers manning a self styled road block on the notorious bridge but two who included a female officer managed to flee leaving behind their caps and badges.

The EACC officers had to shoot in the air to scare away a group of officers who had ganged up in an effort to rescue the apprehended cops.

It took the assistance of the members of the public who helped the EACC officers to load the 3 nabbed traffic officers onto their waiting vehicle.

Concerted effort by plain clothes colleagues to block the EACC vehicle from ferrying their counterparts hit a snag when members of the public irked by the happenings cleared the blockades and allowed the vehicle to speed off.

Members of the public who sought anonymity told the press that the traffic police officers had become a nuisance as they were always demanding for bribes from motorists and bodaboda riders with impunity.

A loader said that members of the public broke into a vehicle said to belong to one of the traffic police officers and stole an unknown amount of money that had been stashed in paper bags and hidden under the seats also stolen were several clubs and whips found in the cop’s car.

In a huff the desperate female traffic officer is said to have boarded a Nairobi bound matatu, it is not clear if any officer from both sides got injured during the confrontation.

Motorists along the highway said the nabbing was long overdue as the officers were demanding for money with impunity.

A journalist who happens to live within the estate and was recording the unfolding had his camera confiscated.

Efforts to seek an official comment from the area Traffic Base Commander Michael Lemaiyan were futile as he was said to have gone to Nairobi for an official function.

Source: Kenya News Agency