Traders counting loses after a fire incident at Thika main stage

About 10 traders with business shops at Thika main stage are counting losses after a fierce fire gutted down their premises on Tuesday evening.

According to eye witnesses, the fire spread from a radio repair shop after the owner left his welding machine attached to the socket while lights went off during the day and forgot to it switch off.

According to some traders, when the lights finally came back in the evening at round 8 pm, fire broke out from the socket and furiously spread to a few shops surrounding the repair shop that included a butchery, a hotel and a fruit shop among others.

Thika fire brigade responded on time and joined the residents and traders to put off the fire.

Nobody was injured in the incident that took about four hours to tame.

It’s not yet established the amount in losses that the traders incurred. However, police have launched investigations over the incident.

Source: Kenya News Agency