Trader short dead inside his house in a market near Isiolo town

Residents of Maili Saba area, in Isiolo town are in shock following the grisly the murder of a 52 year old businessman in the area by unknown assailants.

Patrick Mithika Mitika was shot dead by armed bandits whose motive is yet to be established since they stole only two goats living behind his herd of cattle.

According to the deceased wife Zipporah Mithika, the attackers arrived at their home at around 9.00 pm, just when the family was about to retire to bed and pitched camp in the compound for more than four hours as the couple declined to open the door.

The attackers sprayed bullets on the door and shattered the window glasses, as they attempted to remove the window grills in order to gain entry.

All the while, Zipporah and her ten year old daughter lay still on the floor, one under her bed and the other behind a wall unit as the now deceased crawled across the house in search of crude weapons that would enable him to deal with the attackers.

It was then that one bullet hit him on the neck making him bleed profusely.

He however did not relent in his efforts to protect his wife and child as he was the first to wake up to confirm that the attackers had left, several minutes after gunshots had stopped.

On attempting to peep through the window, he was hit by a bullet on the head, killing him instantly.

Neighbours and the police arrived at the scene hours later after the assailants had long left the area.

The widow claimed that she was not aware of any acrimony between her husband and any other person.

She however revealed that her late husband had sued a person who was illegally developing a contentious piece of land at Maili Tano despite a court order restricting such developments.

Area chief Misheck Maingi also questioned the motive behind the killing.

He said that the late Mithika did not have a lot of property or money that could attract such armed assailants.

Neighbours led by Nicholas Mutethia decried the state of insecurity in the area, adding that villagers had witnessed several cases of theft since the start of the year.

The attackers also made away with two goats after killing the trader.

Source: Kenya News Agency