Trade department issues one month notice for traders to verify their machines

The department of trade in Garissa has issued a one month notice for all traders to present their weighing machines for verification.

Addressing the press after launching the verification exercise, chief officer trade and enterprise development, Mahat Salah, said that despite the department being a devolved function the county is using the national trade act of weight and measures.

The verification exercise which is done once in a year requires all traders who are using the scales and balance to have their machines verified. The verification is done free of charge.

The chief officer further urged the traders to voluntarily avail their equipment for re-verification in the event they think that it is not serving them well.

Salah said the department has prepared a bill to regulate the sector which is awaiting the approval of the executive before it is tabled in the county assembly.

It is by law that every other weighing and measuring equipment that is in use for trade has got to be verified and stamped every year. This is a lawful exercise and the traders are required to make sure that they do it. Failure to do so will attract some penalties, he said.

The bill will among other things customize the act as well as issue guide lines to the traders and consumer on where to report and get assisted when they have issues, Salah said.

He said that the verification is crucial because it is meant to protect the customers as well as the traders adding that ‘machines have tear and wear.’

Source: Kenya News Agency