Top KCPE candidate wants to be neurosurgeon

The Second best candidate in 2015’s Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) Lennox Kimathi Kirianki from Kathigiri Boarding Primary school in Imenti South Sub County of Meru County wishes to be the topmost neurosurgeon to beat the world renowned Ben Carson.

Lennox who scored 446 marks out of the possible 500 marks says his confidence to excel was inspired by prayers, hard work and discipline (aka the PHD method).

The 14 year-old son of a Meru businessman won the trust of his parents who say he always meant what he promised in his academic line.

“He is a child with a vision who when he promises to score a goal in a football match that is what it will turn into. If he misses to score that will be his greatest disappointment,” say his parents Mr. Salesio and Mrs Phyllis Kirianki.

The ever smiling boy had assured his parents that he would not score anything below 440 marks and kept saying the same even on the eve of the release of the examination results.

“Tuesday he reassured us that he had done well. He attested that getting below 445 that would be a failure to him,” the parents maintain.

To the parents, the boy is a child who is afraid of making any mistakes. “To him, teachers were like his brothers and sisters. He was open to them in everything, including asking for tea when he felt thirsty,” says his father.

According to the school, the candidate was an all round student and never took anything for change.

Lennox believes in the spirit of competition. He reiterates his classmates played a key role in keeping him focused to attain the top grades.

“Thanks to the Kelvis and Vivians of our class for being worthy competitors,” says the eloquent top achiever.

Lennox gives hope to those who did not perform well in the examinations that there is a second chance. He regards both academics and co-curricular activities with almost equal importance.

“If you succeed in one then the others come automatically,” says the regional KCPE champion. He thanks his parents for moral support and lauds his teachers for ensuring that everything went alright.

“My best hobby is swimming and football. I am a good striker and also a big fun of Manchester United,” says the jovial Lennox.

His mother is confident that the boy will also be at the top in the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) examinations through the family’s prayer and moral support.

The Principal of the school Mr. Eustace Micheni terms the 2015 class as a special group that kept the schoool’s targeted over 400 mean score a reality.

“Teacher to student ratio,” the principal says, “has contributed to the school’s sterling performance for seven years running. The school has 15 teachers against a pupil population of 310 with each teacher tasked to handle a maximum of three subjects”.

“We have a big task ahead of us since we have been tops for several years running. This calls for extra effort to keep the top position,” says the elated principal.

Teachers in the school believe in team work. Mr. David Mwenda, the English Teacher whose subject has been performing well for years confirms the power in working together as a school.

“Before devolution, the school was and is still the champion in English performance,” says Mwenda, adding that it is the language that propels the general performance in all subjects.

The area MP Kathuri Murungi would not evade fulfilling his promise to the candidates. The top student got the promised Sh. 10,000 reward.

The MP is proud of the public school for its exemplary performance, beating many private schools known to be academic giants.

The Egoji East Ward MCA Mr. John Kireria where the school is located is appealing to the government to tarmac the road leading to the school.

“The school becomes inaccessible during heavy rainy season since the 1.5 kilometres stretch from the tarmac road is pathetic,” laments the MCA.

“The greatest present to the school that has been leading for several consecutive years is to get a good road from the Meru-Nairobi Highway,” he says adding that it is his responsibility to lobby for community collaboration in supporting the school.

“I must commend the surrounding community for their love for the school. When the school experienced a fire tragedy, the community had already intervened even before the fire brigade arrived to put off the fires that that attacked a dormitory in the school,” said the MCA.

Out of the 57 candidates of 2015, 40 of them scored above 400 marks with the last getting 371 marks with school’s mean score standing at 409.

Ndwiga Brian Kimathi came second with 440 marks followed by Kamau Allan Ngugi who secured 436 beating Nyagah Kevin Munene with one mark closing the 435 mark.

By Richard Muhambe