TNA Warns Defectors

TNA will take disciplinary action against officials who have repainted their offices with JAP colours, executive director Joseph Mathai has said.

He said on Tuesday JAP is a new political party with its own leadership.

“URP and TNA are yet to be dissolved to form JAP, though the plans are in the pipeline,” he said.

Mathai was donating more than 2,000 pairs of shoes to vulnerable pupils in Ragati Primary School, Nyeri.

He said the merger of Jubilee coalition parties does not translate to their dissolution.

Mathai said TNA and URP officials will not automatically be JAP officials.

They either have to resign or defect, he said.

“Those from TNA, URP or any other affiliate of the Jubilee alliance cannot cross over and belong to two parties at the same time,” Mathai said.

“The roadmap to merging TNA, URP and other affiliate parties must be instructed and informed by the law.”

He said TNA’s constitution must be respected.