Three ditch Mt Kenya Group for new bloc


Legislators from three counties have ditched the Mount Kenya Parliamentary Group and formed another alliance.

They are from Nyandarua, Laikipia and Nakuru counties.

They have formed the Aberdare West Parliamentary Group, whose interim chairman is Kipipiri MP Samuel Gichigi.

Speaking to the media at Hippo Point Hotel in Nyahururu on Saturday, Gichigi said senators from the three counties will also be members of the alliance.

He said the interests of the three counties are different from those of the counties in the former central province.

They have lagged behind in development because nobody supports their agenda, Gichigi said.

“Our counties do not benefit from the Mount Kenya alliance. They are tossed from Central to Rift Valley and back, and at the end of the day our people are sidelined,” he said.

Oljoro Orok MP John Waiganjo said the three counties have been sidelined in government since no people from the region hold major appointments.

“When appointments are made from the other counties in the former Central province, it is deemed that our counties are represented, which is not true,” he said.

Waiganjo said the major cash crop from the region has been ruined and the three counties are neglected.

He contrasted this with other places where the same crop has been ruined but the government intervened.

“We need to agitate for a bailout, for example, with pyrethrum trade, which fell to its knees as leaders watched,” he said.

Njoro MP Joseph Kiuna said the three counties have been contributing immensely to the economic development but have not been taken seriously.