Thousands of tittle deeds uncollected

More than 41,000 tittle deeds have remained uncollected at Homa Bay County Land Registry over the last two years.

Speaking on Friday at the Land Registry office, Homa Bay County Land Registrar, Lam Violet said they had received more than 82,000 tittle deeds from the Ministry of Lands headquarters, but only 40,000 had been collected.

The Registrar who is in charge of Suba, Mbita, Ndhiwa, Homa Bay and Rangwe Sub Counties, cited Suba Kamwenda, West Kubia, Kaksingri Kagutu Waregias areas with low turnout in terms of collection of the tittle deeds.

The Registrar called on the leaders from the affected areas to sensitize their people and encourage them to avail themselves and collect their tittle deeds to their own advantage.

She however, expressed gratitude to Suba North Member of Parliament, Millie Odhiambo for her efforts in creating awareness among her people which ensured that more than 10,000 tittle deeds were collected.

Tittle deeds are important to the owners as they can be used as a bond in a court of law, owners may also use them as a surety in the hospital and also to acquire loan from the financial institutions, she said.

She called on the residents to collect the title deeds, saying what they were required to produce was national identity card and Sh. 1000 for processing fee.

I want to encourage our people to live peacefully and understand each other to help address cases of land disputes, she advised.

At the same time, the officer asked the residents to seek legal ways in solving land disputes.

Source: Kenya News Agency