Thika Squatters Get Title Deeds

More than 1, 100 squatters from Kilimambogo area of Thika East sub-county have received their title deeds in a move aimed at settling them permanently as promised by President Uhuru Kenyatta in his visit to Thika on Sunday.

The beneficiaries said they had waited for the last 30 to 40 years for the title deeds and were now glad to have been settled by the government.

Antony Muthuita Mwangi, who couldn’t hide his joy after receiving his title deed, said he was forced to lease land to farm before, and that they had been evicted from several areas as they had no proof of ownership of land.

Getting a 1/8th of an acre like the one they I received is almost impossible for people like us due to the escalating costs of land in the country. We thank the government since there will be no more disputes caused by land tussles in the area as the residents will now settle and farm in their pieces of land, said Mwangi.

Another beneficiary, Miriam Kavindu, expressed her joy saying that despite being member of the Kamba community, she has been welcomed in the area and settled by the government.

She lauded the move saying that she would now settle her family and farm comfortably without fear of being evicted.

Thika Land Registrar Bernard Leitich said that it was a huge milestone by the government as part of the plan to disburse over 3 million title deeds across the country as the residents have been flocking the land registry for years with complaints and land tussles.

He said that the issuance reflected the face of Kenya as the squatters were from all over the country and no one was discriminated against or left out of the exercise.

We are here to finish the exercise which was started by the President on Sunday. We have squatters who have lived on this land for over 40 years and today, they have their titles. The issuance reflects the face of Kenya since all tribes and religions are represented here which is a good thing, he explained.

If anyone needs to do a search or confirmation, they don’t have to go to Nairobi since they can access all their services at our Thika office for free since the government waived the payment for the search fee, he said

Leitich said that they have thousands of titles in their offices and called on those who did transfers and have not gone to collect their titles to do so since they have some which remained uncollected for several years.

The registrar reiterated his dedication towards delivering his mandate to the people of Thika without bias, adding that he would continue to ensure that land brokers had no space in his office.

Source: Kenya News Agency