There’s Something Special in Kenya for Investors – CS Adan

At least 175 local entrepreneurs will attend the Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES) being graced by US President Barack Obama.

The entrepreneurs will get a rare chance to interact with at least 1,200 other investors from around the world who are expected to attend the event at the UN headquarters in Gigiri.

Industrialisation Cabinet Secretary Adan Mohamed has urged the local entrepreneurs to play a key role by coming up with ideas that after the forum, will facilitate the creation of new policies to improve the business environment in the country.

“We want to makes sure that our entrepreneurs are able to really benefit through interactions that will be able to develop pipeline of opportunities for them,” he says.

Mohamed told Capital FM Business the event is an eye opener for all local entrepreneurs to seek partnerships with a number of foreign investors who are keen on investing or doing business in Kenya.

“This is the time for all entrepreneurs in the country to start looking at Kenya as a unique place to do business. I mean, for all those investors to converge here in Nairobi, is not a small thing. It means there something special for them in Kenya,” the CS says.

Among the personalities expected at the forum are the famous hosts of America Show ‘Shark Tank’ with high expectations that they will be able to share their business experiences one on one and offer workable ideas for our local investors.

Some of the major benefits from the historic event Mohamed says, are the global exposure the entrepreneurs will have adding that Kenya’s image will greatly improve considering the previous negative perceptions like insecurity.

“Everybody monitors where President Obama goes in the whole World. And this time, many people would now want to know where Kenya is. And they would be like,’ Ah, President Obama has got some links with Kenya?” he says.

On the other hand, the CS mentions tourism sector as one of the main areas likely to get a huge boost both in the short term and the long term.

This is attributed first to the great number of visitors expected in the country during the summit and those who would want to come to Kenya after forum, considering that President Obama considered visiting the Sub- Saharan country.

“The expected potential in tourism is expected to be huge if we play it right. What this whole season is going to do is whichever way you want to look at it has got really some tremendous benefits,” he says.

Mohamed is also keen to mention the need for both the government and the private sector to now look at working on the gains reaped from the forum.