There is no plastic rice in the Kenyan market, says KEBS

The Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS) has refuted claims that there was plastic rice being sold in the Kenyan market.

The standards agency has said that the video circulating on social media showing the manufacturing of plastic rice is a normal plastic processing process which is involved in plastic recycling.

A statement issued on Monday by KEBS Managing Director, Evans Ongwae, said the agency has been investigating the claims and assured Kenyans that there was no plastic rice on sale in the country.

They tested the rice for aflatoxins, and grading, which determines the amount of inorganic matter, broken and immature grains, and moisture content in every consignment and found that they all met the required minimum standards he said

He said the KEBS surveillance teams have conducted serval visits to the stores and collected samples which have been tested as per the East Africa and Kenya Standards and the tests have confirmed the rice is safe for human consumption.

Ongwae has further moved to assure the public that all imported rice is tested at the country of origin under the Pre-Export Verification of Conformity programme.

The certificate of conformity is a confirmation that the imported goods have been inspected by relevant authorities, and that the food meets requirement of respective products standards, while products which do not meet the standards are rejected.

The KEBS response came after a local rice processor was accused of processing and selling inorganic rice in the Kenyan market.

Source: Kenya News Agency