The government prepares to counter a possible cholera attack

With the onset of the short rains, the government has taken mitigation measures in Isiolo County to avoid a possible cholera outbreak.

Such outbreak is usually occasioned by the washing of human and animal waste into streams and rivers.

The Isiolo County Public Health Director, Guracha Sarite said cholera prevention items that are donated by the national government will be positioned at health facilities in 17 suspected cholera hotspots as a preventive measure in case of an outbreak.

The hotspots in the county, include Kipsing, Oldonyiro, Garba Tulla, Malkadaka, Sericho, Ngaremara, Daaba and Galfasa. Our county was previously hit by the outbreak in 2011 in four locations of Kipsing, Isiolo, Oldonyiro and Galfasa, said Sarite.

The Director said as of now; no cholera cases have been reported but the department anticipates that there could be cases anytime during this rainy season, because the quality of water will be compromised and residents will start drinking run-off water.

Four cases reported in 2015, he said, were from a family who had traveled from Kisumu County.

The preventive equipment received includes chlorine powder, water purifiers, cholera beds, chlorine liquid, protective gears, gumboots and body bags.

Isiolo County has suffered a serious drought that has transcended two rainy seasons causing a lot of livestock mortalities necessitating many government mitigation projects.

The mitigation measures, include the Kenya Meat Commission animal off-take project that has started today besides the military chipping in to truck water to the pastoralists.

The rains started yesterday with a heavy downpour and area residents look forward to the growth of pasture and availability of sufficient drinking water both for livestock and human consumption.

Source: Kenya News Agency