The government approves 12 pesticides to fight armyworm

The National government has embarked on the fight against the Fall Armyworm that has affected the maize crop in 25 counties.

The Kenya Agriculture and Livestock Research Organization (KALRO) has approved 12 pesticides which have been tested and proved effective in combating the lethal worm.

Representing the national government, Jahason Nyasani of KALRO said Bomet had benefitted with pesticides, spray pumps, protective gears and information materials all worth Sh. 2 million.

The supplies, he said include, 500 litres of pesticide chemicals, 50 spray pumps, assorted protection gears and over 1000 training materials.

Saying the pesticides were a stop gap measure, Nyasani advised farmers to embrace sustainable land use management by using inter-cropping system.

Receiving the donation, Bomet Deputy Governor (DG), Dr. Hillary Barchok said the county government was greatly concerned with the pests which had adversely affected food security in the region.

The DG said the county government will supplement the supplies of pesticides to farmers to suppress the fall armyworm.

He appealed to other well-wishers especially research organizations to assist farmers in finding a lasting solution in the fight against the pests. I also appeal to individual farmers who are able to buy the chemicals to purchase them from registered agro-vets shops, Dr. Barchok stated.

Source: Kenya News Agency