The Church should reclaim its role as agent of change

Outgoing Nyanza Regional Coordinator, Francis Mutie has challenged the clergy to re-assess and validate the role of the Church as an agent of change in society.

Mutie termed this as a critical event coming at a time when the nation was looking for direction and fighting for her moral, socio-economic and political life.

In a speech read by Kisumu County Commissioner, John Elung’ata during a two day conference, Mr Mutie said the world faces a myriad challenges which may appear physical in outlook and presentation but were firmly rooted in the spiritual fabric of society.

“The vices we encounter today both in government and the community level such as crime, drug abuse, terrorism, corruption and the general rot were a reflection of a society in dire need of divine intervention,” he observed.

Mutie said the Bible outlines eloquently that the Church is “the Light of the world (Mathew 5:14)” and it thus commissions the Christians to go forth and change their surroundings.

This, therefore, he said becomes the foundation pillar for the role of the Church in changing the community.

Mutie observed that in the belief that the church has been entrusted with this role, the Bible intended that the church may be the bearer of the solutions to these challenges that confront our society in this age by “radiating the Light of God”.

“It is also my understanding that in this “Light” has embedded the necessary direction, leadership and counsel for our people and faithful,” he emphasized.

“I, therefore, challenge you to re-assess and re-evaluate your role as the custodians of the Gospel in illuminating the world and transforming our society both as an individual and corporate body,”added Mutie

Mutie said that at the end of the two day conference participants will have validated, updated and re-emphasised the role of the Church in positively transforming the community as a whole.

By Joseph Ouma

Source: Kenya News Agency