Teso family living in fear after a failed IED attack

A family in Akudepu village in Rwatama sub location in Teso North Sub County is living in fear after unknown individuals attempted to blow up their house on Sunday night.

The owner of the house, Philip Ikeya, who was not in the house during the failed attack, told the press that it was through God’s mercy that his wife and two children survived the attack after the explosive device missed the target.

I guess those who planted the device thought I was at home-an indication they were after my life. My wife told me she heard dogs barking before the sudden explosion and when she rushed to the sitting room she found soil all over, Ikeya recounted.

Area Deputy County Commissioner Justus Musau who confirmed the incident saying security agencies have since launched investigations into the incident to ascertain the motive behind the attack, whose origin they suspect is a family feud.

Nobody was injured in the attack. Neighbours living as far as a kilometer away confirmed to us they heard the loud explosion with dogs barking. We suspect it was an Improvised Electronic Device, said the DCC.

Jenipher Nekoye who was in the house said when they woke up in the morning, they found out part of their house had slightly been blown off after the device missed its target, Musau narrated.

He said responsible security experts have taken soil samples and wire remains from the scene in order to identify what kind of explosive the attackers used.

Angurai South Ward representative Grace Omasete condemned the incident and called for thorough investigations to arrest the perpetrators.

Such an incident has never happened in this area before and it might end up scaring residents from settling in their ancestral homes, Omasete said.

Source: Kenya News Agency