Terror Not Unique to Kenya, Amina Tells CNN

Foreign Affairs Cabinet Secretary Amina Mohamed on Thursday responded to the CNN report that referred to Kenya as the ‘hotbed of terror’ ahead of President Barack Obama’s arrival Friday terming it alarmist.

Mohamed told Capital FM News it was unfair to portray Kenya as the country that solely suffers from terrorism.

“We claim no ownership of terrorism. If somebody wants to apportion ownership to us then they are mistaken, terror does not respect boundaries, does not respect nationalities, it is totally indiscriminate it affects everyone and everywhere,” she said.

In her view, terrorism is a global challenge that has killed thousands of citizens from different countries and left a trail of destruction across the globe.

There have been a series of attacks not only in Kenya and other African countries but also in Western countries like France and the United Kingdom.

“It is not unique to Kenya, it is global phenomenon it affects all of us. I think the sooner that everybody realises that… we had New York, Boston, Paris, London, Madrid, Russia almost three or four times in different parts of the country,” Mohamed explained.

Instead of segregating Kenya to make it look like the only victim of terrorism, Mohamed urged the world to consider terrorism as a universal blemish that requires global attention and concerted efforts.

She said there is need to put resources together to support the war against terrorism.

“The lesson in all this, we must come together, we must share every resource and all we have that we are fighting terrorism together because nobody knows when it’s going to strike next,” she asserted.

CNN repeatedly reported that Obama was visiting Kenya the ‘hotbed of terrorism’ which irked Kenyan social media users.

Using the hashtag #SomeoneTellCNN Kenyans vented their anger on the American Broadcaster claiming that it has become its habit of focusing on negative stories about Kenya.

In their view, CNN has downplayed the significance of Obama’s visit and focused on one negative issue – insecurity.