Telecommunications lobby Tespok widens scope to entire ICT industry


Telecommunications Service Providers of Kenya (Tespok) lobby group has widened its scope to advocate for businesses in the entire ICT industry.

In its new role, it will advocate for the interests of software, hardware and content developers, network integrators, contractors and all other ICT sub sectors.

The re-alignment now puts the lobby group at per with the fast changing ICT industry with a focus on ensuring business continuity in a conducive environment.


“Going forward, we will be active in influencing policy direction and development of the industry,” said Tespok CEO Fiona Asonga.

Tespok Chairman Kris Senanu said the association will work together with ICT bodies to ensure appropriate engagement at national, regional and international levels.

The changes have put Tespok in a position to influence excellence in the overall ICT growth and change policies that are not benefitting local businesses.

It joins the likes of Consumer Federation of Kenya which intensely advocates for consumer rights in all sectors.

In its new strategy, the lobby group will also offer research services and conduct annual research that will inform industry decisions by government and stakeholders.

The association has been at the forefront of lobbying for the telco sector having successfully pushed for the Universal Service Fund.

The lobby has frequently provided updates and solutions on cyber security threats facing Kenya.