Teenage pregnancies on the rise in Nakuru

Teenage pregnancies in Nakuru County have increased from 15 to 18 percent in the last two years.

County Adolescent Reproductive Health Officer, Jessica Munga’au said the sharp increase in the last two years was a serious concern to the county, in an era when teenage girls have a multitude of role models around them.

She said access to teenage to inappropriate content in media was partly to blame for the spike. She also blamed religious leaders for their uncompromising attitude towards contraceptives.

She said in Kenya 226 women lose their lives annually due to unsafe abortions according to figures captured from registered hospitals but there was likelihood that a number of home procured abortions, which lead to death, are not recorded.

She said their visits to girls’ boarding schools have confirmed that the adolescents’ have internalized half-truths on reproductive health.

She was speaking to Kenya News Agency Tuesday during an interview.

She urged parents to educate their adolescents’ and teenagers on reproductive health to curb early pregnancies.

She urged the community to take reproductive education seriously instead of reacting to the consequences.

Source: Kenya News Agency