Teenage girls committed to hostel for rehabilitation

Two teenage girls found guilty of stealing household goods in Githurai 44 were put on two year probation sentence.

The girls serve their terms at Nakuru Probation girl’s hostel where they will also undergo counselling and training in a field that will empower them to become self-reliant in future.

Kiambu Senior Principal Magistrate Ms.Stella Atambo told the girls to endevoured to redeem their lives if they intended to have a bright future.

The duo had jointly been charged with a middle aged man with stealing contrary to section 268(1) as read with section 275 of the penal code. The court heard that on 21 November 2017 at Githurai 44 in Kasarani sub-county, together with another not before court, they stole an assortment of clothes all amounting to 30,900 the property of Catherine Wanjiku Wambui.

They pleaded not guilty and were represented by Mr. Robert Mwangale during the proceedings. The court also ordered for a detailed social enquiry report about the girls by the probation department prior to concluding their case.

While committing them for probation, the magistrate commended the probation department for the detailed report. This report should be useful to other arms of government so rescue children who are wasting in the said denMs.Atambo expressed shock that the girls were living in a den where everyone was intoxicated with drugs and alcohol while naked in broad daylight. This is so unfortunate that your mother is struggling to fend for you, and you can be running away from home to live such a life she said

According to the probation report, the girls were paying 100 shillings per day in a room they were sharing and late in the night a woman would pay them to sell coffee for her to the clients in the den and neighboring plots.

The report captured one girl who was pursued by the mother after she was arrested and arraigned in Kiambu court. Her counterpart’s roots could not be traced as she only said she came from Muranga to work in Nairobi and met her roommate on the streets and that they were jointly charged with stealing.

During daytime, the girls told the magistrate that one of the girls knew how to braid people’s hair and that she spent most of the time doing that to earn money to pay for the house.

While describing the state of the environment where the pair was staying prior to their arrest, the probation officer Lilian Anyango told the court that pathetic was an underestimate. The rooms are small, dirty, poorly ventilated, open sewer freely flowing across the corridors. The worst is, nobody in the entire vicinity seemed sober

She said she talked to the landlady who revealed that a handful of girls often frequented her premises in the company of men and that she had no control over them. She said the girls preferred to idle walk compared to gainful work. There is still a larger group even much younger that should be arrested.

An interview with an on looker on what exactly went on in the said plot revealed that it was a renowned den for people in illicit groups, drug dealers and short term sex services.

At the time of arrest, the girl had run out of money for rent and had sought accommodation from another girl namely Mary whom they alleged stole the said clothes and left them in trouble.

The report further revealed that she had told her friends at Kiambu remand home that if she was released by the court, she would only spend one night home and then she would disappear again.

Further, more interviews made with the mother indicated that she was not sure with herself and also seemed to have deep unresolved emotional issues. She was therefore not able to offer effective adolescent parenting which was the girl’s immediate need.

Given the prevailing home circumstances of a distressed mother, friends who handle drugs and a step father who had turned his back on them, the report recommended that probation during which she will spent at the hostel. While there, she will be helped to re-write her life story, correct her self-image which has been dented by the family experiences and help her get her identity.

She will also be guided into taking responsibility for her life, the decisions she makes, be assertive so as to move away from the narrative of being influenced by friends.

The case for their co-accused who had served them a meal of rice and meat in the house where they were arrested will be mentioned on January 30th.

Source: Kenya News Agency