Teachers’ shortage, poor infrastructure hinder quality of learning in Kajiado

Public schools in Kajiado are grappling with performance challenges as the County records a shortage of 1, 300 teachers across 450 primary schools coupled with poor learning facilities.

According to Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT), Kajiado County Coordinator, Elly Korinko, the biggest hindrance to learning in the region is the high shortage of teachers and lack of funding for infrastructural development.

Korinko, in an interview yesterday, told Kenya News Agency that Teachers Service Commission had failed to replace retiring teachers and massive transfers which leads to shortage of teachers in all the schools.

Currently Kajiado County has a deficit of 1,300 teachers across the 450 primary schools in the County, a number that highly contributes to the dwindling education standards in the County, Korinko expressed concern.

He accused Teachers Service Commission (TSC) for being unfair to the County in terms of teachers’ provision despite having sent a number of correspondences to the employer to address the situation.

The Coordinator accused TSC of transferring personnel to other Counties without replacement.

In 2015 the Commission transferred over 50 teachers and we only got 23 in return as well as losing over 20 teachers through retirement annually, lamented Korinko.

He noted that most teachers in the remote areas of Kajiado do not have houses and were forced to live in staffrooms with some in classrooms where infrastructure were not enough.

Korinko appealed to the National and County Governments to devise a mechanism of ensuring resources were allocated to build better classrooms and improve school amenities in areas where infrastructure has been neglected for a long time.

The National Government through the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) is to allocate money for construction of classrooms and teacher’s housing, but the money is not enough, said Korinko.

The Coordinator expressed appreciations to well-wishers and Non � Governmental organizations (NGOs) who have partnered with parents in various schools to ensure learning was facilitated.

Source: Kenya News Agency