Tanzania: Dar Leopards Maul Kenya’s Les Gaulois

GEORGE Mtefu, Vasco Anthony and Jimmy Shoo were instrumental in Dar Leopards’ 36-31 win over Les Gaulois from Kenya in rugby friendly match at Dar es Salaam Gymkhana ground. It was a thrilling international rugby friendly match infested with attacks and counter attacks in most of the playing period.

It looked a tough match right from the start as the teams finished the first quarter tied 7-7 with the visitors benefiting a try and a conversion of a try from Michael Fratlelly while the hosts garnered their Davids Noran some minutes later.

Les Gaulois added a try through Brandy Kamau before Dar Leopards’ Vasco Antony converting another try some minutes before half time.

Dar Leopards finished the first half with a try superior as the results read 17 for the hosts against 12 goals netted by the visitors. It was George Mtefu who netted another try for the hosts before the visitors responded with double tries from Kelvin Perry.

Others who had brilliant shows for the hosts were Greg Ghaul who netted one try and Phillip Ashey who stamped 5 points through his try and Jimmy Shoo.

The hard fighting Brandy Kamau was instrumental in the visitors onslaught. He fought bravely in search of an equaliser but his try towards the match end couldn’t change the standing.

Dar Leopards’ agile youth Vasco Antony, Jimmy Shoo and George Mtefu stole the show in the encounter. They coordinated well with veteran players such as Greg Ghaul and Phillip Ashey.

In that match, Leopards banked on their dodgy and cunning players against muscled heavy weight Kenyans. Speaking after the match, Vasco Antony said the game was good and highly challenging despite winning.

He thanked the management of Dar Leopards for giving him and other youth a chance to demonstrate their skills. “We played against a team of well built players.

What helped us was speedy attack and well planned moves,” he said. He said the match was a tougher game at the international level this season. In retrospect, Michael Flatlelly from Kenya admitted his team lost to a good team.

“Dar Leopards are good and experienced rugby team. We committed some mistakes and our opponents benefited from them,” he said. He said most mistakes were committed in the third quarter, which he said if all effectively utilised the results couldn’t be the same.

Source: Tanzania Daily News