Tana River County Commissioner urges chiefs to be diligent

Chiefs and their assistants in whose areas children do not go to school will be personally held responsible, Tana River County Commissioner Isaiah Nakoru has said.

Mr. Nakoru directed the administrators to work with communities and the police to identify all children who are of school-going age but are not in school to ensure they are in school. Parents who do not cooperate should also be severely dealt with, he said.

Speaking during a meeting with the chiefs on Friday, Mr. Nakoru lamented that many children, especially among the pastoralist communities, were herding cattle instead of being in school.

“This is not acceptable because the government is offering free and mandatory primary education. We want all children in school because this country will be saved by its educated nationals,” he said.

Mr. Nakoru told chiefs and their assistants, together with village elders and officials of nyumba kumi committees to ensure that all strangers entering the county are known and their movements monitored.

He told them to keep an inventory of all visitors, where they come from and for what purpose they are in those areas in order to keep the county safe from terrorists.

“Even those who enter the county in search of water and pasture should be well known. We want to know how many animals they have and how long they will be in those areas,” he said.

He told them to ensure that nyumba kumi committees in the county were working well as this would help in curbing terrorism as well as conflicts between communities.

He told them to ensure that communities live harmoniously to avoid ethnic clashes like those witnessed in parts of the county in 2012.

The administrator directed chiefs and their assistants to hold weekly barazas to educate wananchi on government policies, noting that they (chiefs) were an important link between the national government and wananchi.

He urged them to ensure illicit liquors were not sold or consumed in their areas of jurisdiction and that residents adhere to the set times for consumption of licit alcohol in pubs.

He cited Mororo area in Tana North Sub-County as one of the most notorious places where drunkenness has taken preeminence.

“We recently carried out an operation there and nabbed many people, some with bhang. Chiefs and their assistant will be held personally responsible if things go wrong in their areas,” he said.

He said chiefs had no reason to complain as the government had adequately facilitated them to do their work, citing the recent issuance of 49 motorcycles to them in the county.

By Emmanuel Masha