Switch on TV signals

The Communication Authority (CA) of Kenya has been asked to switch on signals for TV stations which it shut down on Tuesday for broadcasting Raila Odinga’s swearing in ceremony at Uhuru Park in Nairobi.

The Former East Africa Law Society President, James Mwamu said the decision by the CA to shut down the signals lacked any legal backing and was unconstitutional.

Mwamu said the authority violated the rights of Kenyans by denying them the right to information as enshrined in the Constitution.

Speaking at a press conference in Kisumu on Wednesday, Mwamu termed the move as an abuse of office and a breach of the Constitutional rights of media owners and Kenyans.

If the government felt that what the media houses were airing was unlawful then the CA should have written to the Media Council of Kenya, citing the acts that the broadcasters were contravening for appropriate action to be taken rather that switch off the signals, he said.

The advocate asked all the affected media houses to move to court and seek compensation from the government following the losses occasioned by the blackout.

Mwamu, who is also in the race for the Law Society of Kenya (LSK) presidency, challenged the society to move to court over the matter to protect public interest.

The advocate, who has contested twice and lost, is facing stiff competition from Nairobi based lawyer, Nelson Havi and Litigation advocate, Allen Waiyaki Gichuhi in the elections slated for next month.

Source: Kenya News Agency