Swedish company to initiate a water purifying program in Busia

The Busia County Government has begun talks with a Swedish company that will culminate into the development of a water purification program in various locations across the county.

Speaking at the County Water Executive’s office friday, Clean Analytical System AB country representative Vincent Were, said the program which will also involve construction of a solar pack to generate electricity, will solve the power lapses rampant in the county.

He said the company is set to import purification equipment from the USA, which will be planted on strategic water sites, where water cleaning and purification will be done instantly at a very high grade.

“The water will then be dispensed to local users while the generated electricity will be distributed to households, businesses and light up the streets,” Were said.

He added that the generated electricity will also be used to pump the water.

Water CEC Gregory Odeke, hailed the company for choosing to partner with the Busia County government, saying the program, set to kick off in June, will play a major role in transforming the county’s water sector if properly implemented.

The Company’s CEO Bengt-Inge Broden, said additional funding will be sourced jointly from partners and donors, adding that they will pitch tent in Busia until they transform the entire county.

By Melechezedeck Ejakait

Source: Agency