Sustain efforts on illicit brews crackdown, administrators urged

Rift Valley Regional Coordinator Mongo Chimwaga has asked County security agencies in the 14 Counties of the region to forge a productive working environment to curb brewing and consumption of illicit brews which he said hamper development.

He was speaking during the commissioning of Rapid Results Initiative program for Deputy County Commissioners and Sub County police commanders in the region.

The war against illicit brews and other recreational drugs was central to the day long exercise that also drew participation of officers from Kenya Bureau of Standards who inducted security officers on ways of identifying genuine from fake certification stickers on alcoholic brands.

Regional commissioner called for a coordinated, deliberate and sustained multi agency crackdown against the brews in a move aimed at suppressing supply.

The administrator wants the operation to track down culprits well known to police and public administration officers but reportedly at large.

Chimwaga appealed to security organs in the region to work closely with judicial officers in ensuring that culprits arrested for production or distribution of the brews were subjected to the law as a way of deterring production, sale and consumption of the brews that are largely making consumers to regress in their lives.

Chimongo said the wanton consumption of illicit brews and other recreational drugs was increasingly making families in the area dysfunctional and led to an upsurge in crime.

He cautioned administration officers against sympathizing with culprits saying this is increasingly negating the quest for a sober society as the culprits often without remorse resume their illicit operations much to the detriment of citizens keen on participating in national building ventures.

Resurgence of outlawed brews is particularly disquieting among residents of Nakuru and their discontent in recent days is jolting security managers in the area into the desired action.

The Commissioner said the re-emergence of illicit brews in the region is largely due to a low scale of complicity of law enforcement organs and notorious players in the illicit business of manufacturing and distribution of the toxic brews.

Source: Kenya News Agency