Suspect commits suicide at police cell

A murder suspect committed suicide by hanging himself inside a toilet cell at Kapenguria police station Friday.

Confirming the incident in his office, Kapenguria OCPD, Anthony Wanjuu said the suspect used the shirt he was wearing to hang himself and was pronounced dead upon admission at Kapenguria referral hospital.

Wanjuu said the body didn’t have any other physical injuries and is awaiting processing by the scene of crime personnel.

When police officers were preparing to hand over duties to third shift personnel, they found out one prisoner by the name Patrick Pkemei Loshamer male adult missing , on further checks the said prisoner was found having hanged himself in the male toilet using a piece of cloth, the OCPD said

The deceased had been charged by Kapenguria law court with the offence of murder on August 20, 2018, where he killed his wife on August 16, 2018 and surrendered himself to police on August 17 2018.

The man had been remanded at the police station pending investigation. He was in custody after he had allegedly killed his wife during an argument, said Wanjuu.

He added that the deceased who was 32 years old was visited by the elders from his area during the day and advised him on how he will overcome the death curse.

I was informed that he had attempted twice to hang himself but he could survive. It is said that the deceased stabbed his wife over poor preparation of food citing that she is possessed with demons. Said wanjuu

The area county police commandant Mathew Kuto said he had appointed police officers to conduct investigations into the case.

During the day, he said, was very jovial interacting with other inmates. During supper time he was not present and his colleagues wondered where he was. His body was discovered later hanging in the toilet. The body of the deceased has been taken to Kapenguria referral mortuary awaiting post-mortem Said Kuto.

Source: Kenya News Agency