Suspect arrested over defilement of a girl, eight.

A 60 year old man has been arrested in Homa Bay County for allegedly defiling his eight year old daughter.

Homa Bay Directorate of Criminal Investigations Officer Joseph Tuksho said the man was arrested on Saturday from his village in Central Kochia Location, Rangwe Sub County.

Area residents said the man had taken custody of the girl and her two brothers after he separated with his two wives. The second wife was the minor’s mother.

According to the residents who interacted with the minor, her father had been defiling her on many occasions after the departure of her mother some months ago.

The girl has told us that the father has been defiling her on many occasions. I think the old man has been taking advantage of absence of the minor’s mother, said a resident who sought anonymity.

Villagers said as a way of covering up the heinous act, the man has been ensuring that the girl stays near him, ensuring she does not interact with others at a shopping center where he works as a cobbler.

The girl has been going to school normally but the old man has been ensuring that she joins him at the trading center all the time she was not in school. This was a way of preventing her from interacting with villagers who could interrogate her on the heinous activities, said a resident.

However, the information leaked after the minor shared it with one of the neighbours who in turn shared it with other villagers.

The information reached her mother who returned to the village on Saturday and reported the matter to the local security officials who apprehended the suspect.

We are taking him to court so that he can be charged with defiling

the minor, said Tuksho.

Source: Kenya News Agency