Surveyors back digitization of land records

Institute of Surveyors of Kenya (ISK) is in support of digitization of land records, saying it will root out corruption and cases of missing files.

Outgoing ISK National Chairman, Mr. Steve Amani, said the move will enhance transparency and guarantee security of property.

Amani said as experts on land matters, surveyors are willing to help in the computerization of services in the lands sector.

We thank the Ministry of Lands for what they are doing and we are pleased and we support the ongoing reforms, he said.

He added that, as experts on land issues the Ministry should engage them in the process.

Amani who was talking on the sidelines of a two-day induction meeting of ISK members, said digitization will curb revenue leaks associated with manual records which were easily manipulated.

He added that the ongoing process will eradicate existing loopholes and boost revenue generation to the government while stressing the need to make access as comprehensive as possible to seal any loopholes.

Digital Land Records will enhance transparency in record keeping which will in turn benefit members of the public and restore trust, he said.

Amani blamed lack of access to land information to manual record keeping and rampant corruption in the Ministry.

He said manipulation of manual records had led to many people acquiring title deeds illegally noting that digitization of the whole process will put an end to this menace.

The Chairman also asked the public to be aware of fake and unscrupulous surveyors who abet land grabbing.

He advised people in need of surveyors to screen and verify their credentials before engaging them.

Our Institute has qualified and registered surveyors. We have a website that can be used to identify their credibility, said Amani.

Source: Kenya News Agency