Surveyor Warns on Land Leases

The Institution of Surveyors of Kenya has expressed concern over counties’ threats to revoke land leases held by multinationals.

Speaking at their offices, ISK chairman Paul Wambua said such threats are against proper land administration.

He said they are motivated by political dynamics and other non-economical factors.

“We have observed that counties, specifically Kericho and Kiambu, have threatened not to renew the leases when they expire,” Wambua said.

“Given that the land in question produces some of the leading exports, tea and pineapples, this is likely to scare away the large scale investors in the agricultural sector and has serious repercussions on Kenya’s economy.”

Wambua said the Lands ministry and the National Land Commission should give an advisory on the matter “before it is too late”.

He urged Parliament to enact a law to safeguard foreign interests.