Surgery on Wajir assaulted woman successful, says KNH

Ms. Fatuma Ibrahim, a mother of four who was allegedly attacked by her husband in Wajir County on Thursday has successfully undergone surgery at the Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH).

Briefing the press on Friday at her office, the KNH Chief Executive Officer, Lily Koros Tare confirmed that Fatuma was recuperating after the knife which cut through her jaw bone from the right side protruding in the left side.

“Ms. Fatuma under-went assessment from a multiple-disciplinary team of specialists led by a maxilla facial surgeon to determine the extent of the injuries,” Tare said.

She said the specialists also carried out a CT scan after which Fatuma was whisked to the emergency theatre for the removal of the knife.

Tare said KNH has put in place appropriate medical plan for Fatuma, including counseling sessions to enable her heal and continue with her life.

Head of Gender Violence at KNH, Margaret Makanyengo said Fatuma had suffered trauma as a result of the incident and will be subjected to trauma counseling before she leaves the hospital.

She asked women across the country to report all forms of gender-based violence to relevant authorities.

Wajir County Women Representative, Fatuma Ibrahim Ali attributed the rise in gender-based violence in the county to ‘Masilah courts’.

The Legislator said many cases of gender based violence have gone unreported due to ‘Masilah’, a form of alternative dispute resolution mechanism whereby the community elders hear cases in a traditional set up and mete out penalties.

The Wajir MP who spoke after visiting the patient at the hospital called for prosecution of gender-based violence perpetrators, saying the ‘Masilah courts’ are lenient to them.

She called on the police handling the cases to exercise fairness. “I urge the investigators handling the case to curb any form of interference from both parties,” the MP added.

The legislator confirmed that she had hired a lawyer who will represent the patient in the case, which will be heard on 13th this month.

Ms. Fatuma was ferried to KNH yesterday from Wajir District Hospital after she was allegedly attacked by her husband.

By Douglas Namunane