Support children living with disability

The society should support children living with disability by enrolling them in special schools established by the government and donors.

David Deya, a Senior Nursing Lecturer at the University of East Africa Baraton said some people living with disability were gifted and could play a remarkable role in economic development in the country.

Deya spoke on Friday during donation of a hand washing facility at Senior Chief Onunga School for the Deaf in Kisumu town by Baraton University nursing students as part of their community service project.

The Sh. 150, 000 sanitation project, Deya said, will go a long way in improving the hygiene standards of the students at the school.

Hand washing is a simple procedure yet very crucial in the prevention of sanitation related ailments. If wholly embraced, it will save the government and families a lot of funds that are currently channeled in addressing cholera, typhoid, and bilharzia among other sanitation related diseases, said the medic.

Dolva Obosi, the Headmistress of the School, lauded the initiative saying it will curb water borne diseases in the school.

The school is situated in a water logged environment which could be a path for water borne ailments.

At least three pupils are marked absent weekly in the school owing to hygiene related diseases, said Obosi.

The Headmistress appealed to the County Government and well-wishers to assist the school to construct dormitories.

The boarding facility, she said, will enhance security of the pupils who could be vulnerable to people who might want to take advantage of their condition to exploit them.

Source: Kenya News Agency