Study on Resource Impact Allocation Underway

Government will carry out a study on resource impact allocation in four different sectors of the economy.

Monitoring and Evaluation Department (MED) Director Samson Machuka confirmed that the department will carry out resource control in maize subsector, tourism, beyond zero campaign initiative and the free primary education.

Dr. Machuka said the department which is under the Ministry of Planning and Devolution will focus on the four to ascertain the impact the resources allocated has created and what needs to be improved.

I also want to confirm that investigations will also be carried out in the key sectors of the economy to find the effect of resources allocated in past financial years, he said explaining that the areas to be evaluated in the 2016/17 financial year have been identified to establish their impacts on society.

Speaking during the national advocacy event for the launch of the sustainable development goals evaluation vision at a Nairobi hotel, Dr. Machuka pointed out that the impact resource analysis was geared towards identifying gaps derailing optimal production in the sector.

Source: Kenya News Agency