Students stranded after crackdown

Hundreds of students returning to school Monday were stranded in Nakuru town after traffic police officers staged an impromptu operation to crack-down on un-roadworthy vehicles along the Nakuru-Eldoret highway.

The students found themselves at the centre of the chaos and confusion as un-roadworthy PSV vehicles drivers engaged the traffic police officers in a hide and seek game while others hurriedly withdrew their vehicles to escape arrest and confiscation of their vehicles.

Most students were left stranded at various Matatu terminus and traffic police road blocks as the crackdown resulted to a shortage of transport means to ferry them to their schools.

Rift valley Traffic Boss, Mary Omari warned that the crackdown on PSV’s will continue even after the back-to-school rush this week in a bid to reduce the number of accidents and avoid loss of lives .

Ms Omari added that the Traffic officers have teamed up with the National Transport and Safety Authority and have been deployed on the Highway to ensure drivers comply with the traffic laws.

Omari further said most of the accidents were caused by negligence and violation of traffic rules by drivers, motorcyclists and pedestrians noting that more than 700 people died in accidents in the Rift Valley in 2015 as compared to 600 in 2014.

The operation comes in the wake of a wave of accidents that occurred along the Nakuru Eldoret Highway over Christmas period claiming many lives.

Seven people perished in two different accidents at the Salgaa black spot among them five teenagers whose vehicle collided head on with a bus.

By Esther Mwangi