Students benefit from Presidential Bursary

Children’s office in Laikipia East and North Constituencies has disbursed S.4 million through Presidential Bursary for needy and vulnerable students.

About 100 students from over 200 applicants have benefitted with the bursary, 58 from Laikipia East while the rest were from Laikipia North Constituency.

While speaking to KNA in his office Monday, Laikipia East Children Officer Wenslaus Musindayi pointed out that orphans and vulnerable students whose parents could not afford to educate them were considered in awarding the scholarship.

According to Musindayi, the bursary also targets children with special needs and parents with special needs who were not in a position to secure employment to cater for the educational needs of their children.

A Constituency Social Assistance Committee (CSAC) composed of 16 members under patronage of Area Member of Parliament does short listing and allocation of funds, noted Musindayi.

Children’s Officer further observed that forms for application for the scholarship were sent to CSAC, Provincial Administration, and Children Department and to school principals.

Principals get the lion’s share of the forms for they are in direct interaction with parents and children who deserve the scholarship and the form is accompanied with a covering letter from the principal indicating the need, he added.

Children Officer observed that the office did not target a certain number of beneficiaries but they were received as they presented themselves through CSAC. However, he said the number of beneficiaries was limited by the limited funds they got.

According to Musindayi, Department of Children was in the process of disbursing the funds with Sh30, 000 being the maximum a child could get per year.

Currently, we are awarding bursaries to learners who are in boarding schools since the day scholars have been catered for by free secondary education, he noted.

CSAC comprises of nine political appointees and the other members are drawn from line ministries that handle children matters which include Ministry of Education, Social Services, and Interior among others.

The scholarship was started in year 2013 and targets secondary school students from vulnerable families.

Source: Kenya News Agency