Street children on the increase in town

The number of street children in Mumias town is growing at an alarming rate and measures should urgently be put in place to reverse the trend.

The Area Advisory Council is calling on parents to take full responsibility for their children to enable them to lead normal lives.

At a meeting held at the Children’s office yesterday and chaired by the Mumias Division Assistant County Commissioner Mr. Paul Langat, members expressed concern that some business people in the town were selling glue to the street children which they sniff and are now hooked.

They warned that anyone found selling the product to the children would be arrested and prosecuted.

Members noted that a separate cell for children at the local police station should be established to prevent their interactions with adult criminals.

The Sub-County Children’s Officer Dorcas Wakasa said that investigations carried out by her department indicated that the children were on the streets for various reasons ranging from unstable families, neglect and rebelliousness among others. She said that they needed counseling to be re-integrated in the community.

Wakasa noted that parents in the area need to be sensitised on their role and on the rights of the child in order to bring up stable families with less squabbles that she said drive some of the children to the streets.

The Children’s officer called on well wishers to support the existing children’s homes that assist orphans and vulnerable children.

By Catherine Nyongesa