Stop use of juju for political gain, politicians told

Religious leaders in Kilifi County have cautioned politicians against visiting witch doctors with the aim of receiving blessings to win elections but to instead sell their manifestos.

Speaking to the Kenya News Agency (KNA) in Malindi on Monday, Chairman of Kilifi County Pastors Fellowship Association, Bishop Thomas Kalala said some politicians had gone to witchdoctors for rituals which they believed would help them win votes from the people, saying evil spirits helped nobody to succeed in life.

Bishop Kakala also urged politicians to stop spewing hatred messages during their political gatherings and instead strive to unite all Kenyans regardless of their political affiliations.

Politicians who take advantage of the youth and propagate them to cause chaos during their contenders’ campaigns should stop, said Bishop Kakala.

The clergy urged security agencies in charge of monitoring hate speech amongst politicians to take stern actions against all culprits found regardless of their political status, saying the move would ensure a peaceful elections.

Contacted by KNA for comments, Jubilee candidate for Malindi Constituency, Philip Charo said the belief of evil spirits was rife but was quick to say he did not believe in them.

Source: Kenya News Agency