Stop polluting the rivers in Kiambu

Motor bike and motor vehicle owners in Kiambu County have been warned against cleaning their machines along banks of rivers in the region.

Director of the water resource management (WARMA) Mr. James Nyangweso said the activity was heavily polluting river waters and would not be condoned.

He advised entrepreneurs interested in car wash business to look for appropriate locations and pay requisite permits to the county Government.

Otherwise, nobody should be found conducting carwash business along river banks as it polluted waters downstream, he warned.

Mr. Nyangweso warned the motorbike riders and other motorists mainly lorry drivers and saloon car owners that they risked arrest if apprehended.

If you desist from availing your vehicles to these people then they will lack businesses and will be compelled to relocate to the right locations where they will not contravene any laws affecting the environment, he said.

A spot-check by KNA, established carwash business thrived along the Riara River near Kiambu science and technology and behind the administration police quarters where the entrepreneurs begin their business from as early as 6.00 a.m.

Kiambu’s permanent rivers include Riara, Kamiti, Makuyu, Bathi, Komothai, Gitamaiyu, Kiuu and Ruiru Rivers which form the Kamiti and Ruiru rivers sub-county catchment. Car wash business thrived along sections of these rivers.

Nyangweso made the remarks at Redhill in Karuri where a dam constructed during the colonial era broke its walls on the night of Friday and its water spilled for about 2 km into Munyaka and Karuri villages.

The incident sent people scampering for their dear lives from their houses and only returned in the morning after officers from the County and National government arrived to assess the damage.

Source: Kenya News Agency