Stop political bickering and lobby for projects-Leaders told

Two Embu legislators have warned that the county risked missing out on national government projects if its leaders did not stop perpetual political bickering.

Senator Njeru Ndwiga and Runyenjes MP Eric Muchangi said the county will remain poor and under-developed unless its leaders desist from cheap politics and witch-hunt.

They said the divisions exhibited by the county leaders after the nullification of Governor Martin Wambora’s election could be detrimental in their efforts to lobby for national government projects.

The legislators cited the previous county government administration which was riddled with Governor Martin Wambora’s impeachment saying a lot of time and resources went to fights in court.

He said political supremacy among the County leaders in the last five years tarnished the County’s image thereby chasing away investors and making it hard for the national government to initiate substantive development projects in the County.

They were speaking during a home coming of Gaturi North MCA Paul Muchangi at ACK Gichungu church Sunday.

Senator Ndwiga said the county leadership was accountable to its people and should take advantage of being in Jubilee to provide residents with the necessary services.

The Government is borrowing to fund projects, and as a county, we should be considered when new projects will be initiated. Stalled projects especially the County’s ring road should also be completed, said Ndwiga.

Muchangi called on leaders to tone down on their political rhetoric as the court of appeal seeks to hear Governor Martin Wambora’s appeal following the nullification of his August 8 victory by Justice William Musyoka of the High Court in Embu.

He said the county needed assistance to reduce tribal and political divisions and risked losing another five years if its leaders did not work together.

In the previous term, the government was launching projects in almost all the counties but our divisions as leaders made us loose out. This time, we risk losing out too if we fail to work together, said Muchangi.

This comes as sharp divisions have emerged pitying leaders from the two dominant communities of Embu and the Mbeere in the County after nullification of Wambora’s win.

Source: Kenya News Agency