Stop doping in sports

Kenyan athletes, their managers, and government agencies involved in sports regulation should study the report published by the media, which has proposed sanctions against Russia and some of its athletes linked to doping.

In the past, some local athletes have been under investigation after they were adversely mentioned in connection with performance-enhancing drugs and substances used to mask drug use.

The truth of the matter is that Kenyan athletes do not need these substances.

Many of them have the discipline they need to become world champions, not to mention other advantages, including an environment that is conducive for training.

Kenyan athletes are also the country’s brand ambassadors and a unifying factor and occupy a privileged position in society, which means that they are always in the limelight.

Therefore, they and their managers have a responsibility to protect the integrity of their performance and how the country is perceived.

It is welcome news that Kenya did not feature in the report but all the stakeholders should use this as a learning experience and put in place mechanisms to detect, deter, and punish doping in sports.