Steenkamps distance themselves from Pistorius’s parole issue

The family of slain model Reeva Steenkamp have distanced themselves from her killer Oscar Pistorius’s parole issues saying the outcome will not make any difference to them.
“The parole board met on Friday and pushed the hearing forward saying they needed to engage the Steenkamp family to make further submissions.
“But the Steenkamps have said they have nothing more to contribute to the Paralympian’s parole board hearings and are satisfied that their previous submissions are enough.
“Pistorius is serving a five-year sentence for killing Ms Steenkamp two years ago, but is now eligible to be placed under correctional supervision.
“Not appropriate
“Mr Barry and Mrs June Steenkamp’s attorney Tania Koen told the media that the couple felt their submissions made in June were enough and they would not involve themselves in the process any more.
““They just want justice to take its course. We will not be making any further submissions. The original submission that we made to the parole board, we will resubmit,” a family spokesman said.
“The Steenkamps recently said they had forgiven the athlete, but they insist the 10 months Pistorius had served in jail before his parole hearing was not an appropriate sentence for someone who had taken their daughter’s life.
“Pistorius was found guilty in September 2014 of culpable homicide, the equivalent of manslaughter.
“The state is now appealing the culpable homicide verdict, arguing it should be murder because Pistorius must have known that the person behind the door could be killed.
“That appeal is due to be heard on November 3.