Standard Journalist Arrested, Phone Confiscated Over Offensive Tweet

Standard journalist and blogger Wahome Thuku was arrested by CID officers on Tuesday for allegedly sending offensive messages about Mukurwe-ini MP Kabando Wa Kabando.

Thuku was held at Parliament police station after being accused of tweeting that he had spotted the Member of Parliament drunk. Speaking to the Star, lawyer Lempaa Soyinka confirmed that Thuku was released on a free bond later in the evening. He has been ordered to report back to the police on July 30.

Soyinka further said that the police confiscated Thuku’s mobile phone for further investigations.

Prior to his arrest, Thuku had posted on his Facebook page that a relative had been contacted by anti-fraud police who wanted to get in touch with him.

“‘Now Isabel Githinji and I are being investigated for alleged banking fraud. Its true. Around 11.06am, I received a call from a close relative telling me some anti-fraud officers had gone to see her at her workplace, to inquire how to get in touch with me. Apparently, they are investigating me, Isabel and another businessman over some fraud involving forgery of cheques, linked to to CBA bank,” the post read.

Soyinka however said that the police were using fraud as a pretext to find theThuku stating that the reason behind the arrest was the alleged post about Kabando.