SRC intimidating politicians

Samburu leaders have criticized the Salaries and Remuneration Commission (SRC) for reviewing the salaries of politicians downwards.

The Samburu governor, Moses Lenolkulal said the move by the SRC seems to have been aimed at intimidating politicians and aspirants.

The governor said the commission ought to have harmonized salaries of all civil servants according to their responsibilities and performance by assessing their performance contracts.

Governor Lenolkulal said the commission ought to have considered superiority and responsibilities of governors before reviewing their salaries downwards.

He also said plans by the Council of Governors to moderate salaries of governors were underway but this has been overtaken by political events.

The governor further said the commission ought to have prioritized employees of former local authorities who are yet to be included in Public Service Boards.

Ndoto ward Member of County Assembly, Raisy Letura however supported the Commission in reviewing salaries for Members of Parliament and Senators but faulted it for applying the same on MCAs.

Letura said Kenya is a very poor country and people look upon politicians for assistance whenever a problem faces their community.

MCA’s are forced to part with a section of their salaries to address problems such as funerals, paying school fees and even pain killers for a mere headache, he said.

The MCA faulted the Commission’s Chairperson, Sarah Serem, saying the she seems to have had issues with salaries of county assembly members since 2013.

For the first time when we were elected in 2013, an MCA was going home with a salary of 79,000, the body increased salaries up to more than Sh.100,000 after complaints from the county staff, he said, adding that he was surprised when he learned of the salaries being slashed again.

To contain pressure from the community, Letura said MCAs might be forced to engage in corrupt deals to maintain their cash flow.

He added that the commission ought to have reviewed MCAs’ salaries up to Sh.300, 000 instead of reducing following heavy community burdens on their shoulders while senators and MPs are away in Nairobi.

Source: Kenya News Agency