South Sudan Students’ Association urges government to emulate Kenyan’s handshake

South Sudan Students’ Association in Kenya (SSSAK) is urging the South Sudan Government and the opposition to solve their differences for peace to prevail in that country.

Through their President, Ayuel Taupiny Malek, the students noted the ongoing squabbles between the government and opposition leaders is adversely affecting their lives and studies in Kenya, making them insecure.

We as leaders of SSSAK here in Kenya feel threatened as we are viewed as supporters of the opposition leaders, he said.

Accompanied by other leaders at a press briefing held at Norwich Union Building Friday , Malek said the letter they wrote to both the South Sudan Government and opposition was an invitation to both parties to assist them meet their financial needs to enable them accomplish their academic goals.

The students’ leader said they are disheartened with the massive dropout of some of their colleagues from institutions of higher learning due to financial constraints, a need that prompted the students to seek help from both the government and opposition leaders

He added that the students are also seeking mentorship from their experienced leaders.

Unfortunately the invitation which was intended for the government was rudely dishonored by the South Sudan Embassy in Kenya that led to cancellation of our meeting last Saturday by security personnel, added Malek.

He noted that the meeting was not political as perceived by the government as the students concern is for the Sudanese citizens to enjoy peace.

Our lives as student leaders are in great danger. We are receiving threats through phone calls, messages and social media platforms. Majority of us are not attending classes and others have relocated from their dwellings, lamented Malek.

The students strongly condemn this act, saying that it is against humanity. They say they have nothing against the government and all they want is peace.

The students congratulated President Uhuru Kenyatta and former Prime Minister Raila Odinga, for putting aside their differences to unite Kenyans which they said is a unique historical move.

We humbly ask the Kenyan Government to help us by stopping police officers from harassing and invading our space, stated Malek.

The students urged the South Sudan Government to emulate the example set by the Kenyan Government for the sake of their citizens.

Source: Kenya News Agency