Sosuun wants to redefine rap industry with “Sura ya Kazi”

Frediana Nafula Khainja aka Sosuun , is seeking to re-define the rap industry not just through her good fashion sense but also through her latest hit “Sura ya Kazi”.


Her songs continue to gain popularity not just here in Kenya but East Africa as a whole, three years since she first made her music debut.

Her track, “Get Wasted” marked the turning point for her music career despite the fact that the song didn’t do well as she had expected, but her hit, “Dawa ya Moto” continues to thrill fans.

Just as expected of any female rapper, her voice rolls through the beat like smooth silk, a fact that has seen many compare her with the late Lady S, who died at the time that she was on the verge of cementing her name as the undisputed queen of rap in the country.

“Despite the fact that we are different in terms of fashion and perhaps style, our courage is nearly similar,” she adds.

But she also points out Nazizi as one of female rappers who has continued to inspire her. “I respect and admire her a lot as she has been able to keep the fire burning for all this years,” she adds.

But even as she is trying to seal her music destiny she hopes to break the jinx that nearly made her lose hope in singing three years ago.

“At that time the label company I was under wasn’t big enough to propel me to the next level. But now things have changed as I am working under Iscan Media, apart from recording my audios at Grandpa Records,” she explains.

Her plans for now remains to work with Willy Paul, whom she names as one of the most talented musicians in the country, with her eyes set on Tanzania’s Venessa Mdee and South African sensation, AKA.