Sossion sues Teachers’ Employer

Nominated Member of Parliament (MP) Wilson Sossion, has today sued the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) for deregistering him.

In the application filed at the Milimani Law Courts, Sossion claims that the decision by TSC was illegal and unprocedural.

Sossion now wants the action suspended pending determination of the suit on grounds that TSC Boss, Nancy Macharia, acted in violation of the Rules of Natural Justice.

Sossion further claims that disciplinary procedures leading to his termination were ignored by the Commission.

Speaking to journalists after filing the suit, Siossion stated that TSC never summoned him to appear before it to defend himself.

The KNUT Secretary General argues that the power to terminate a teacher is regulated in law and that regulation is informed by the rules of justice and fairness.

TSC action was actuated by malice, improper motives, and in bad faith aimed at achieving cruelty and revenge, said Sossion, adding that he was entitled to a one month notice.

TSC CEO, Nancy Macharia, in a letter said the decision had been taken following his nomination to Parliament yet he had not tendered his resignation or retirement letter.

Source: Kenya News Agency